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"Where Good Foundation Acquired"

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About Founder

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Chaw Choi Kew, Carmen

European University of Ireland

  • Master of Arts in English

  • Language & Education, 2001

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Our Aim

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What is the magic behind our teaching method?

We will show you an amazing, scientifically proven method that will teach your child to read and enable your child to become a fast and fluent reader. Impressive right !

Young children can be taught to become amazing readers. 

All of them are smart kids.  Learning to read early makes it smarter. They can become a super reader. 

There’s no suffering through the confusion and frustration over memorizing hundreds and thousands of words!

Learning phonetic reading is the incredible combination of synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness. 

The real benefit is instead of forcing your child to memorise hundreds and even thousands of words. You only need to teach your child to master the 44 sounds of English.


Then teach your child how to connect those sounds together to the decor and read majority of those words.


Think about this, do you want your child to memorise 3000 words shaped or rather to teach your child by just learning the 44 sounds of English. 

This is what makes it possible to teach. 

Teaching phonics and phonemic awareness produces better reading results than whole language programs. Teaching phonemic awareness improves a child’s reading, reading comprehension and spelling abilities.  

Our storybook reading program required full participation as the parent and teacher. 
You’re by far the best teacher of your child. You need to spend 10 to 15 minutes per day. Working through 

It’s simple, powerful and proven program and guaranteed your child will master the most important skill of reading 

Poor reading ability and inadequate literacy skills are lead to reduce opportunities in life.

Because The principles behind teaching effective reading does not discriminate by Age.

Many children can read without sight words too.

If your child is struggling with reading. We can help. 

Do not delay.  Hurry! Call us for more information.  







然后如何将这些发音结合起来。 想想这个,你想你的孩子只是背诵3000个英文字形呢! ,还是轻轻松松地通过学习英语44个发音来掌握好阅读的技巧。



如果你的孩子正在挣扎如何成为流利的读者。 我们可以帮忙! 

我们会给你一个惊人的科学证明的方法,教导你的孩子读各种英文书籍,使你的孩子成为一个快速和流利的读者。 不可思议。对吗!






It is indeed very important to cultivate children's reading habits from an early age.

Educational experts believe that "all learning is based on reading.

Children who like to read are more likely to use their brains to think about problems. The learning ability will be stronger in the future. The mood is more stable, and the personality is calmer. Able to self-discipline  Broad knowledge.

If parents help their children like to read from kindergarten, after the children have a certain level of literacy in elementary school, they can read a lot of books on their own. Acquiring richer knowledge is essential for children's future growth and academic performance.

Although children around one year old can't speak and have no literacy skills, parents read some fairy tale books to their children and spend happy parent-child time by reading them aloud.


Children around two years old basically have a certain degree of speaking ability, and they train their language skills through books. They also describe what the child sees. Increase children's knowledge of the world.

After the age of three, the book selection is based on words. The content of the story should be lively and interesting, with common sense. In order to enhance children's interest in reading.


If you have a special hobby, such as when your child is obsessed with cars. May wish to choose some children's picture books about car design and construction. The pictures should be colorful and bright.


  1. Choose books that your child is interested in.

  2. The parents themselves must enjoy reading.

  3. Let the children act out the story.

  4. Create a good reading environment.

  5. Parent-child reading together. Appropriate encouragement, show the love and guide.


Falling in love with reading is a very good habit. The formation of a good habit is not a matter of overnight.


Cultivating children's reading habits will last forever.


Listening to stories is the nature of every child.


It is the teacher’s responsibility to teach storybooks,


Storytelling is the bounden duty of parents.


There will always be a day when a child is holding a book and reading it for himself.


There is no need for an adult to accompany.




喜爱读书的孩子更爱动脑思考问题。将来学习能力也会更强。情绪也更为稳定, 个性较为冷静。能自我约束。知识面宽广。

如果父母帮助孩子从幼儿园开始喜欢阅读, 孩子上了小学有一定的识字量后, 就可以自己独立阅读大量书籍。获取更为丰富的知识, 这对于孩子将来成才及学业成绩, 至关重要。


一岁左右的孩子虽然不会说话, 也没有识字能力, 父母给孩子看一些童话书, 以朗读的方式, 度过快乐的亲子时光。

两岁左右孩子基本上有了一定的说话能力,通过书籍训练孩子的语言能力. 也描述孩子看到的东西是什么样的。增加孩子对世界的认识。

三岁以后, 选书以字为主偏。故事内容要生动有趣,有常识。 为了增强孩子的阅读兴趣。如果有特别的兴趣爱好, 比如孩子迷恋汽车时。


不妨挑选一些关于汽车设计和构造的儿童绘本。图片要多色彩要鲜艳 。


  1. 选择孩子感兴趣的图书。 

  2. 父母自己必须喜欢阅读。

  3. 让孩子将故事表演出来。

  4. 营造良好的阅读环境。

  5. 亲子共读.  适吋鼓励, 表杨和引导。




好的习惯养成, 不是一朝一夕的事. 培养孩子阅读习惯是天长曰久。




总会有那么的一天 ,孩子捧着书自己看。也不用大人陪伴了。


Our Philosophy

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Sri Hasrat is a kindergarten that provide a caring atmosphere that gives pupils the freedom to experiment and explore.


Through our day we engage them, laugh with them, listen to their stories and allow space for each child to blossom.


We believe that children learn best when engaged experimentally and working with their peers.


Our classroom environment is enriched by playful inquiry and social emotional support.


Hence, the children in our kindergarten grow to be inquisitive, reflective and critical thinkers.


We believe that student driven teacher guided subject comes alive.


We meet your child at his / her own abilities and work together with parents to reach these goals.

  • Shape relationships built on trust, inquiry, joy and respect.

  • Become active and curious learners

  • Become critical and creative thinkers

  • Learn to be successful in school environment

欲望(Sri  Hasrat)是一家幼儿园,提供了一种关爱的氛围,使学生可以自由进行实验和探索。尽管我们每天都与他们互动,与他们一起大笑,听听他们的故事,并为每个孩子腾出空间。





  • 塑造建立在信任,询问,喜悦和尊重上的关系。         

  • 成为活跃而好奇的学习者 。

  • 学会在学校的环境中取得成功。

  • 成为批判和创新的思想家。                                                                                                                              

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Our Programme

Subjects & Services Offered

 (Big Screen Multimedia Teaching)
提供的科目&服務 大電子熒幕教學方式

English (National Curriculum)
+ English Phonics 



U.K Storybook Reading Scheme
(Cambridge Syllabus)
牛津阅读计划。 剑桥教学。

Bahasa Melayu (National Curriculum)
+ Storybook Reading Scheme

Mandarin (National curriculum)
+ Storybook Reading Scheme
华文及 阅读绘本

Mathematics (Mandarin + English)
+ Computer & Media Learning
数学- 华文、英文教课

Science & Moral

Art & Craft 

Fine motor skills activities


We use the most advanced teaching technology 

We will help you discover your children’s talent and knowledge 

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